Offices & Commercial Buildings

Offices & Commercial Buildings

Frontal Security understands that commercial facilities and office buildings have a large number of security concerns and that their security plans must prioritize the safety of their customers and employees while providing access and perimeter and control, loss prevention, and emergency response. At Frontal Security, we are committed to the vigilant protection of all areas of these facilities, working closely with local law enforcement and facility management to develop a security plan which addresses all of the many varied needs of the specific commercial building. Your risks, vulnerabilities, general operations and special circumstances will all be addressed in our security solutions.

Our highly trained personnel and access control systems provide a sense of security from the moment that clients and employees enter your office building. Frontal Security provides 24/7 remote monitoring utilizing the most advanced monitoring technology and is staffed by highly trained and experienced management. The latest advances in access control, GPS tracking, and camera technology ensure the highest level of reliability and accountability.

Frontal Security sees no place in the security profession for staffing that is poorly trained or unmotivated. As a result, every applicant is carefully screened for excellent communication and interpersonal skills. We also maintain a proprietary training program to provide the highest quality security personnel for our commercial building clients.

Our rigorous and proprietary training program results in very highly trained, licensed guards with the ability to use advanced surveillance techniques to identify and prevent potential threats to life and property, detect criminal activity, be on guard for planned acts of terrorism, and be prepared to respond to all emergencies, including fire, natural or manmade disasters, medical emergencies and power failure. Our guards are required to prepare frequent reports,and be able to utilize conflict resolution techniques to maintain the smooth functioning of daily operations. Guards who are CPR/AED certified can also be provided.

We maximize security that is both effective and cost effective with our innovative approach to total security solutions for commercial buildings, integrating cutting-edge technologies with world-class expertise to minimize risks. We are able to build lasting relationships with our clients because of our commitment to their best interests, which allows our clients to focus on their business while we focus on ours, which is keeping their clients, employees and property safe.

Frontal Security services for commercial and office buildings include the following, among many:

  • Unarmed or armed agents
  • Fire guards and Fire safety directors (FSD)
  • Remote monitoring
  • Employee identification (ID) systems
  • Perimeter and vertical checks
  • Managing potential issues with terminated and/or disgruntled employees
  • Specifically optimized programs for day and night surveillance
  • 24/7 Emergency response
  • Coverage for strike or civil unrest