Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations (NFP)

A sad reality of modern times is that not-for-profit organizations who help others can become a target for violence by those with an opposing point of view. Political and social unrest in the world means that charitable organizations are not exempt from violence, vandalism, theft and acts of terrorism and the need to guard against them. People have to feel secure in their environment so they can devote their undivided attention to service work.

Increasingly, no organization is immune to the threat of violence. Frontal Security will work with your organization to make sure that your not-for-profit facility is prepared to prevent or address everyday and unexpected safety issues. We design and implement security solutions addressing your specific needs regarding vandalism, theft, fire, acts of terrorism and other violent attacks.

Frontal Security can help you utilize the latest technology by installing a variety of cameras that can help secure your premises with real time feed, monitored 24/7. Our systems include the most advanced monitoring technology, staffed by highly trained and experienced management personnel to ensure a prompt response to any incident or threat.

Our rigorous training program, results in licensed guards who have the ability to detect and prevent any potential threats to life and property, using advanced surveillance techniques, detect any criminal activity, be alert for signs of planned acts of terrorism, and be prepared for all emergencies, such as fire, medical, natural disasters and power failure. Many of our guards are multi-lingual and we can also provide guards who are CPR/AED certified as required.

Frontal Security offers the latest in security technology to give us the cutting edge when it comes to meeting the needs of our not-for-profit clients.

Frontal Security has a wealth of experience with all aspects of special event security. We can provide specialized equipment to optimize security at your not-for-profit organization’s event, including metal detectors, a variety of cameras and communication technology. Whether on your premises or at a rented or public venue, Frontal Security can provide the everyday or special event security solutions that will allow you to relax and focus on your mission.