Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial & Manufacturing

Manufacturing and industrial companies lose billions of dollars each year at the hands of trusted insiders as well as sophisticated external perpetrators. Not only is profitability decreased and the costs drive increases to the end consumer, but trade secrets, brand image, and a company’s reputation in the marketplace are also placed at risk.

Frontal Security has vast experience addressing security threats through a wide range of manufacturing and warehouse environments. We are also experienced in helping our clients meet their reporting and other obligations to regulatory agencies. Working with your loss prevention management, our management can conduct security audits to identify your facility’s unique internal and external threats.

Our integrated security solutions deploy highly trained, licensed guards along with the best in security technology to address your security needs including loss prevention and control. In addition to our highly-trained professional agents, our solutions may utilize:

  • Access control technology
  • CCTV with local or remote monitoring, 24/7 or motion activated feed
  • Parking lot security
  • Patrol vehicles
  • Perimeter surveillance

At Frontal Security, we strive to offer the latest in security technology, so we can more fully meet the needs of our industrial, manufacturing and warehouse clients.

Our customized warehouse and manufacturing security solutions mitigate security risks, maximize employee collaboration, reduce theft & other losses, avoid industrial espionage, and sustain profitability. Frontal Security offers industrial security services that are the most comprehensive, reliable and professional available.