Houses of Worship & Religious Institutions

Houses of Worship and Religious Institutions

With all of the political and social unrest in the world, religious institutions have a greater need than ever to guard against the violence, vandalism, theft and acts of terrorism fueled by bigotry. Congregants need to feel safe in their surroundings to be able to devote their undivided attention to worship or service.

Unfortunately, violent incidents can happen at any time or place. News reports confirm that houses of worship are victimized more often than we would like to believe. Frontal Security works with you to make sure that your organization is prepared for both everyday and unexpected safety issues. Our security solutions are designed and implemented to address your specific objectives.

We believe that poorly trained or unmotivated personnel have no place in the world of security. Therefore, we carefully screen each applicant and maintain a rigorous proprietary training program to provide the best security guards for our clients.

Our training program results in guards who have the ability to detect and prevent any potential threats to life and property utilizing advanced surveillance techniques, detect any criminal activity, be on guard for planned acts of terrorism, and prepared for all emergencies, including medical,fire, natural disasters and power failure. Frontal Security guards are specifically selected and trained to possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Many are also CPR/AED certified.

Frontal Security strives to provide the latest in security technology in order to better meet the needs of our clients.

Integrating the latest technology with our world-class expertise is the basis of our innovative approach to total security solutions, which minimize risk and maximize security in a manner that is both effective and cost effective. Our promise to our clients is that we will work to create a security solution which will meet your needs without exceeding your budget. Because of our commitment to the best interests of our clients, we build lasting relationships which in turn, enhance the stability of their environment.