Residential Security

Residential Security


Residential security is complex, and Frontal Security offers comprehensive residential security services that are customized to meet the needs of each client and their unique properties. We offer technology that offers real time reporting so that residents can report problems directly to us via an online application or by telephone. Our mobile guards use hand held devices that allow them to enter problems directly into a system that provides information to you via mobile accessible database. Our technology makes the collection of data easy so that preventative measures can reduce or eliminate repeat problems like bad tenants. We provide services to:

• Apartment Complexes
• HOA’s (Homeowner’s Association)
• Gated Communities


Our security teams create a visible presence at our partner-communities such as:

• Our Vacaville Residential Security team
• Our Santa Barbara Residential Security team
• Our San Francisco Residential Security team


The value we provide is a lower cost of doing business, increased tenant happiness because we effectively reduce crime. We provide an outlet for residents to foster complaints, and we provide you with detailed data that allows you to make informed decisions such as whether or not to renew a lease to what has become a problem tenant. The data we provide supports your case.