Campus Security

Campus Security


How many school shootings have occurred over the last several years? Since 1990, there have been over 100 school-related incidents that involve firearms. We take campus security very seriously especially in the wake of the surge in active shooter violence on US educational campuses. Frontal Security offers precise education campus security throughout the state of California.


• K-12 campuses – Security is designed to detect and prevent guns from entering school grounds, and to prevent devastating events such as the Sandy Hook shootings.
• College campuses – Following the University of California-Santa Barbara incident earlier this year, campus security has become a focus of many minds as this was very close to home.


We focus our services on prevention, containment and protection of students and staff on campus. We work seamlessly with local law enforcement agencies to provide complete security protection to campuses. We have existing programs at the following locations:


• Santa Barbara campus Security
• Vacaville Campus Security
• San Francisco Campus Security


We use detection equipment such as metal detectors, patrols, on-site guards, surveillance, and mobile technology to patrol and report problems to school officials and local law enforcement.