Frontal Security was established in Santa Maria CA, in 2013 with a simple idea of providing better security service through innovation. A private security guard service open to new ideas in providing more effective solutions, because everything around us is always changing and is not the strongest but the most adaptable team that will survive. It is now 2018 and a path of providing better service could not be more clear; professional and responsible guards using state of the art GPS technology. Frontal Security excels in providing our client’s dedicated security services with the right tools to make every ones job easier and safer. We have one goal with all clients, and that is to provide a level of security service that exceeds expectations.


We believe that providing a threat assessment product that highlights both facility and personnel security concerns will provide the client with the information needed to make the most informed security decisions for their organization. We provide the information and security software your organization needs to understand and establish the appropriate guidelines for security measures and to implement safety/security protocols for staff and clients. Frontal Security understands the importance of safeguarding life and property and is committed to being part of proactive security solution our clients can trust and rely on.

Frontal Security, software service

Frontal Security is dedicated and focused on providing excellence security guard services in Santa Maria CA, Bakersfield CA, and nearby surrounding cities.

Frontal Security, software overview

Frontal Security puts the power of now into your hands. Problems are identified in real time by multiple sources through state of the art GPS security software, and the information is compiled centrally with real-time access to manage problems onsite or remotely. The value of security technology allows for a razor focus on problems, solutions, and outcomes.

“In Front Of Competition, Providing Better Service”